Haus am Markt - Holiday apartments
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Regular customers

Starting from 2005 there is the                  

Per year you receive deduction to 1%.
The more frequently you visit us, the less you pay.


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Blue Night-Special

2 Nights
(Fr-So oder Sa-Mo)

Beakfast "Upper Palatinate"

Weekend-Ticket for tram, bus and
underground in Nuremberg/Fürth/ Erlangen and the train to Neuhaus/Pegnitz

Ticket for the
Blue Night - Sa, 15. Mai 2010

Packed Lunch



per person (double room) : 85,00 Euro
per person
(4-room ap. with 2 bedrooms): 69,00 Euro

What happens in the "Blue Night"?

Blaue Nacht Albrecht Duerer Platz


Blaue Nacht Bildungszentrum


Blaue Nacht Schöner Brunnen


Blaue Nacht Figur